AVIANS Simulation provides a highly realistic and accurate flight simulator designed for both entertainment and professional use. In our Boeing 737-800 simulator it is possible to simulate all kinds of situations suitable for flight simulator enthusiasts, events and teambuilding along with live demonstrations for those who need to have deep insight in how flight operations are carried out. Our facility close to Malmo city centre offers a creative educational environment suitable for conference, lectures, briefings and debriefings.

Simulator sessions for flight enthusiasts

Whether you are a flight simulator enthusiast used to fly Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar 3D or X-plane or maybe a holder of a private pilot certificate, we will be delighted to offer and customise as many sessions in our simulator you want. Our skilled instructors will be happy to conduct a briefing and coach you as appropriate during the whole flight. Choose your favourite aerodrome and operate the simulator from cold and dark until finally parked at the stand.

Simulator sessions for events and teambuilding

If you have been looking for a teambuilding activity for your team or a private event with your friends, a simulator session might be what you are looking for. We can design various concepts suitable for both the interested frequent flyer as for the beginner wondering what it is like to take the controls of a modern jetliner. Why not take the opportunity of flying over the beautiful mountains of Innsbruck or a local round trip in the vicinity of Copenhagen?

Fear of flying seminars

Many people feel uncomfortable when flying. We can offer a one day course focusing on learning how to feel more relaxed and even enjoy air travel. During the course you will meet an experienced airline pilot along with experts within human factors, aviation, therapy and air traffic control. The course includes a simulated flight where you from the passenger seat in the cabin have total insight in how the pilots operate the aircraft while they happily answer your questions.

Simulator sessions for aviation

AVIANS Simulation design simulator sessions for professional use to either airline operators or flight training organisations. As for now our simulator needs further development before it can be certified for Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) training but already at present our high standard simulator fulfils the requirements of various other training and assessment situations. Sessions for pilots who wish to self practice and prepare for upcoming assessment can also be arranged.

Simulator sessions for air traffic service

Air Traffic Controllers and Air Traffic Service personnel in direct interaction with a flight crew and a flight operation have great benefit of understanding the cockpit environment and procedures carried out on the flight deck. At AVIANS Simulation we are very convinced practical flight simulator training provides that real understanding needed in the daily work delivering ATS. We are able to provide specialised simulator sessions with this particular aim.

Team resource management and human factors

AVIANS Simulation was founded with the goal to provide a realistic and functional training environment designed for TRM training within the field of human factors. Our simulator carries a cabin module and we are now in progress of starting to design an advanced ATC simulator from where an operator will be able to manage simulated traffic at the same time as providing ATC service to the flight crew. This will allow simulator training involving the whole team.