Simulator sessions for air traffic service

Air Traffic Controllers and Air Traffic Service personnel in direct interaction with a flight crew and a flight operation have great benefit of understanding the cockpit environment and procedures carried out on the flight deck. At AVIANS Simulation we are very convinced practical flight simulator training provides that real understanding needed in the daily work delivering ATS. We are able to provide specialised simulator sessions with this particular aim to an affordable cost.

Our Boeing 737-800 simulator is highly realistic and accurate and represents a modern cockpit environment where both normal and non-normal flight situations can be simulated. This makes it very suitable for live demonstrations of different flight systems (flight instruments and technical systems), modern auto flight and navigation systems, warning systems (ACAS/TCAS and EGPWS), performance based navigation (PBN) and aircraft performance in general for those who need insight but not actual pilot training. We are also able to design training scenarios everywhere in the world making it possible to simulate a flight in the actual airspace requested by the customer.

AVIANS Simulation is also able to offer interactive and advanced radar simulation in connection to flight simulator execises. Our advanced radar simulator position allows real world operation involving both the real 737 simulator as well as other traffic.

If you are an Air Navigation Service Provider or an Air Traffic Service Training Organisation you are welcome to dry lease our Boeing 737-800 simulator and deliver your own Controller Aviation Training, or let us design and arrange everything for you. Examples of areas of interest:

  • Educational demonstrations of aircraft systems and aircraft performance as complement to theoretical training
  • Demonstrations of flight procedures and general working methods in cockpit and how ATC/ATS interacts with the flight crew
  • Real time interactive radar and flight simulator sessions
  • Live demonstrations of Low Visibility Operation
  • Live demonstrations of non-normal procedures
  • Controller Aviation Training (either designed and delivered by the Training Organisation or designed and arranged by AVIANS Simulation)

Please contact us via mail or phone +46 (0)731 55 44 99 for further information or if you want to book a demonstration and discuss opportunities and possibilities.

The controller work position:

The radar display. The “TRN1234” is the real simulator. The other traffic are robot aircraft that can be controlled by the operator managing the controller work position.

An example of a TCAS resolution advisory (RA):

Other traffic are also presented visually: