September 2018:

“I am very sure the AVIANS Simulation fear of flying seminar will be of benefit next time i board an aircraft. I have now got knowledge and new tools (coping strategies) which will allow me to feel more comfortable when flying. I will now travel with a smile!

/Helle  – participant fear of flying seminar

June 2018:

“AVIANS Simulation Boeing 737 simulator is well suited for training of airline pilots as well as for procedure training of different types of operations. In addition, the Boeing 737 simulator is a functional training platform for aspiring airline pilots prior a pilot entry assessment and interview for an airline pilot job.

The simulator is also well designed for the completion of leadership and communications
exercises for leaders and managers across many different types of organisations.”

/Christian Bjursten Carlsson, airline Boeing 737 pilot, independent Risk Management Consultant focusing on organisations in high-risk industries with safety-critical operations

March 2018:

“I was looking for a Boeing 737 simulator to practice before a job screening on a big airline. AVIANS Simulation was the perfect place! I got very well received and the preparations for my session were excellent. I really felt that they put the costumer in the first place, fulfilling each individual requirement.

During my pilot career I have trained at several European simulator centers and I think that the standard of the simulator is of very high quality. So, if you are looking for a simulator to practice AVIANS Simulation is a really good alternative. My 737 screening was successful and I think it had a lot to do with the good preparations that was provided from AVIANS Simulation!”

/Amanda Werin, First Officer

February 2018:

”When Staffan invited me to the kick-off event for AVIANS Simulation I just had to go and try the simulator. I was very positively surprised as it was a very good 737 simulator. So me and another pilot friend thought this was a good opportunity to book simulator sessions at AVIANS Simulation once a month to keep the flight skills up to date.

Then I got a job interview at a big European airline so I took a session to practice for a simulator assessment for the airline. It all ended positively and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the simulator to anyone who is interested in aviation. It doesn’t matter if you are a pilot preparing for an interview assessment, just an aviation fan that want to try the real deal or someone who want to overcome their fear of flying – this simulator offers great opportunities.”

/Marcus Olsson, First Officer