The founder

Staffan Holst is the founder of AVIANS Simulation and the person taking the initiative of constructing the Boeing 737-800 simulator and setting up the training facility.

Staffan completed his B737 type rating training at SAS Flight Academy in 2004 and he possesses long and broad experience within aviation as flight simulator instructor for air traffic controller students and as training specialist teaching and instructing air traffic control at Entry Point North AB,  one of the largest global ATS academies located at Malmo-Sturup airport, Sweden.

Besides teaching air traffic management, Staffan is also a subject expert within aircraft, human factors and he is also an educated crew resource management instructor. He is a highly engaged trainer and has worked abroad with various projects like for example refresher training for air traffic controllers and assessment. Staffan owns a teaching degree and has a high interest in both pedagogy and leadership.

Contact information:

Staffan Holst
AVIANS Simulation
Lodgatan 19, 211 24, MALMO
M: +46 (0)731 55 44 99


Photo by: Marie Malá