New advanced radar simulator developed and installed


New advanced radar simulator developed and installed

During November and December a lot of developmet was put into our new advanced (ATC) radar simulator. The simulator is now installed, up and running, and we are very happy to now be able to conduct fully interactive flight simulator and controller exercises under very realistic traffic conditions never seen before in a professional flight simulator environment.

The radar simulator is designed to function in the same way as any generic strip less system would do. The flight simulator will show up on the radar display along with other traffic and the operator managing the controller work position will be able to provide air traffic control service to all traffic by input in aircraft labels. Traffic are of course visually presented and supports ACAS/TCAS.

Even if the radar simulator is designed to provide realistic traffic scenarios and realistic workload demands on both the controller and the flight deck crew, the radar simulator can be used as a stand alone skill training tool for air traffic control trainees.

Representatives for air navigation service providers, airline operators, flight schools or human factor specialists, are welcome to book a demonstration via mail or phone +46 (0)731 55 44 99.

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